About the Technograph

Technograph is the University of Illinois' award-winning engineering magazine. Since 1885, Technograph has covered the cutting edge of science and technology at the University and throughout the world. This student-produced magazine is packed with informative articles on all aspects of engineering and new technology and features profiles of leaders in the field. Technograph gives engineering students a unique chance to express themselves and their interests through the print magazine and on the web. They write stories, take pictures, shoot video, edit the copy, produce the graphics, sell the ads and lay out the magazine. Technographers know their work wonderfully complements their technical education. It keeps them abreast of developments in technical fields and helps to sharpen verbal and written communication skills - essential tools for today's engineers. Technograph is published four times during the school year and is distributed free of charge on the engineering campus. More than 1,000 copies are sent to high school libraries across the state of Illinois.